Do you want an Amazing Team, Profit and Lifestyle?

The Accelerate Mastermind Group (AMG) could be perfect for you.

Our AMG program is a 2-year comprehensive business and personal development program.

If you’re ready to approach your clinic differently and build sustainable successful results and earn the money you deserve… Let’s Talk

If you’re tired of your clinic being all about you but don’t know where to start to change that…Let’s Talk

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If taking the stress and worry out of growing your clinic, leading your team or simply getting through another year is what you  need right now…Let’s Talk

We don’t promise we can save you…we don’t do the work for you…but if you’re sick of the struggle, it’ll be worth the chat.  At worst, by the end of the call, you’ll have a ton of clarity and you will know the next steps to take.

The AMG Program includes four intensive education and Mastermind seminars, monthly accountability coaching sessions, and access to group facilitators and business advisors for all participants. Three events are held on the Gold Coast and one event is a mystery experiential event. This event is held in an exotic location to give you an extraordinary experience.

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Program Curriculum

At a high-level the first year Accelerate Mastermind Program covers the following:

Personal & Time Mastery

  • Understanding you
  • Understanding happiness
  • Understanding your identity & beliefs
  • Understanding the identity of the entrepreneur
  • Goal Setting
  • How to build a 90 day plan
  • Productivity & time mastery

Money Mastery

  • Understanding your psychology of wealth
  • Understanding your business
  • Understanding you pricing psychology
  • Understanding the key metrics and KPIs

Leadership Mastery

  • Understanding leadership
  • How to build a business vision
  • Performance management & how to have courageous conversation
  • Recruiting an A grade team
  • Onboarding & induction of new team members
  • How to use scorecards to develop your team

Marketing Mastery

  • Creating your practice identify, marketing message & processes to deliver these messages
  • Marketing in your practice
  • Learn how to shoot your own videos in 3 minutes to develop magnetic marketing for your practice
  • How to have your appointment schedule filling up 12 months ahead
  • How to increase your reminder compliance by 50% or more
  • Advanced telephone conversation & sales skills


Three events are held on the Gold Coast and one event is a mystery experiential event. This event is held in an exotic location to give you an extraordinary experience.


  • 4th-6th November 2018
  • 4th-5th November 2018
  • 3rd-4th February 2019
  • 5th-6th May 2019

We have had very strong demand for our program beginning this August. There are only 7 spots available.

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