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  • This year UVG will collectively pay members over $1.5 million in manufacturer rebates

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    • “The sessions that challenged my mindset and attitude on life, change, work and relationships were really scary and powerful. I am hoping it will make me a better nurse, a better employee, a better friend and a better person. It was a really great conference to empower you to do the things that you were too scared to do before – not just in the vet clinic but every day in life. Thank you so much!”
      Jessica Luk
      Animal Tracks Vet Clinic
    • “Well worth going for how thought provoking the sessions are. Quite a unique content. Great that it looks at cutting edge marketing strategies. Excellent sponsors – definitely the conference that keeps on giving.”
      Janine Dwyer
      All Horses Veterinary Services
    • “A bit of feedback, I checked out the insurance deal. Just saved 80% on my insurance!!! Yep!! True story!! Went from $21k to $5k on an apples for apples basis. Still blown away. Easiest $16K I’ve ever made. Thank you for the assistance!V”
      Martin Strong
      Motto Farm Vet Hospital
    • “It wasn’t what I expected. This was my first Bootcamp. Reading the itinerary, I wasn’t too excited. It seemed to be a lot of boring repetitive team building exercises. What I got was a huge variety of experiences and different methods to tackle my day to day problems both at work and at home. I feel I have personally grown and now have a clear vision.”
      Amanda Syron
      Civic Centre Vet