Industry-leading business and personal development programs that deliver real results

What makes UVG Advantage different to everything else being offered in the veterinary industry?

It’s simple – it’s the results!

UVG Advantage has delivered independent veterinary practice owners up to a 2000% increase in net profit in just one year. It’s not just the increase in net profit it’s the mindset and lifestyle changes that occur for the business owners too.

The best proof of our success and the confidence we can give you is from our participant testimonials and results. These testimonials come direct from your industry peers. These clinics and practice owners have got the results and they now want you to enjoy the amazing results and benefits too.

We know that veterinary practice owners are frequently frustrated by poor work-life balance and financial under-performance and that the industry has its own unique challenges. Therefore, our programs and all the work we do is focussed solely on the Veterinary Industry.

We’ve got numerous ways we can work with you and your practice to make sure we can match your requirements, today, tomorrow and into the future.


Accelerate Mastermind Group

1:1 Business Coach and Mentor


Business Growth Tools

Join the Accelerate Mastermind Group (AMG)

The AMG program is a 2-year comprehensive business and personal development program. The program includes four intensive education and mastermind seminars per year, monthly accountability coaching, and access to group facilitators and business advisors for all participants.

The program has been specifically developed to cover four key pillars for personal and business success – Personal and Time Mastery, Leadership Mastery, Money Mastery, Marketing Mastery.  It’s the only program in the veterinary industry that offers a complete business and personal development program in one. Our program has a very strong focus on the impact of leadership, but it delves much deeper into the other important disciplines that will help successfully transform you and your practice.

The AMG program brings you together with other like-minded veterinary practice owners who want to improve themselves and their businesses. The group becomes its own micro community of veterinary practice owners who support and celebrate together as each program member starts to make changes to achieve better profitability and improved work, life balance. Those that have completed the program previously, often comment that it’s the value of this new support community that is the real icing on the cake. It’s gives them more connectiveness and less isolation.

The program commences in August of each year and the four education and mastermind seminars are held in August, November, February and March.

Personal & Time Mastery

  • Understanding you
  • Understanding happiness
  • Understanding your identity & beliefs
  • Understanding the identity of the entrepreneur
  • Goal Setting
  • How to build a 90 day plan
  • Productivity & time mastery

Money Mastery

  • Understanding your psychology of wealth
  • Understanding your business
  • Understanding you pricing psychology
  • Understanding the key metrics and KPIs

Leadership Mastery

  • Understanding leadership
  • How to build a business vision
  • Performance management & how to have courageous conversation
  • Recruiting an A grade team
  • Onboarding & induction of new team members
  • How to use scorecards to develop your team

Marketing Mastery

  • Creating your practice identify, marketing message & processes to deliver these messages
  • Marketing in your practice
  • Learn how to shoot your own videos in 3 minutes to develop magnetic marketing for your practice
  • How to have your appointment schedule filling up 12 months ahead
  • How to increase your reminder compliance by 50% or more
  • Advanced telephone conversation & sales skills

1:1 Business Coach and Mentor

A 1:1 Business Coach and Mentor is for any practice owner who wants someone to support them and their team to take their practice to the next level. The 1:1 Business Coach and Mentor service is a bespoke program, that begins with an up to 2-day visit to your clinic to get to know you and the team inside out.  The key to the success of this service is the flexibility is provides.

We undertake a full review and history of all the aspects of your practice, including

  • Key KPI and financial performance
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Team resources and ratios
  • Processes and protocols
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Clinical standards
  • Pricing
  • Systems
  • Suppliers

A full action-orientated diagnosis report focussing on your best areas for growth is produced and an action and accountability plan is set in motion. We will share with you the full report detailing all areas that we identify but to avoid overwhelm and hence inaction, your report will highlight in order of priority what should be addressed and worked on first.  Our aim is to get you the biggest impact in improvement as quickly as possible.

What’s included

  • A consultant visit to your practice for up to 2 days.
  • A detailed diagnosis report on all areas assessed and the findings
  • A prioritised action list
  • An initial report review and commitment call where you and your Business Coach and Mentor will discuss the report together and ensure everyone is clear and committed to the action plan.
  • Up to 4 individual coaching sessions per month. These sessions will include a mixture of the following, depending on the needs of the clinic
    • Management meeting to review the business performance and the action plan for change. This meeting keeps the Practice Owner and Business Coach and Mentor aligned and focussed on delivering on the plan
    • Individual mentoring sessions with the business owner/s or individuals in your team
    • Vet and Nurse workshops (individual or group) from our 40 different workshop topics

Conditions required

  1. All vets and key support staff will be available during the 2-day site visit.
  2. Accessible data, so we can analysis your financials and KPI performance
  3. Your commitment to implementing change.
  4. A minimum 6-month commitment to the action plan, after the on-site visit, diagnosis and report findings have been delivered.

Business Growth Tools

As well as the AMG and 1:1 Business Coaching and Mentoring, UVG Advantage can work with you to support you via our Business Growth Tools.  These tools are designed to give you, your practice and your team tangible, easy to implement tools that can make big changes to the way you run your practice.

Pet Wellness Plans

We’ve been ‘in your shoes’ so we know exactly what it takes to run and manage a successful wellness plan. Our wellness plan has been designed by vets and is easy to set up and implement, good value for both you and your clients, and is effective in promoting proactive pet wellness.

Click here for more information on the UVG Pet Wellness Plans

Marketing Services

Getting your practices marketing mix right to make sure clients can find you is a big task. UVG Advantage can work with you to tailor a specific marketing plan for your practice including;

  • Digital advertising
  • Social media
  • Personalised POS material
  • Educational Website & Newsletter article bank
  • Image Library

Benchmarking & KPI Tools

Benchmarking and KPI’s play an important part in improving your practices performance.  The UVG Advantage benchmarking & KIP tools will give you and your practice different ways to identify any areas of weakness, giving you easy to implement milestones to work toward to make lasting changes.

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Client feedback is one of the most powerful tools to have as a resource for your practice.  The UVG Advantage Client Satisfaction Surveys give your clients a way to provide you and your practice with feedback, which you can easily and quickly act upon to improve your client’s experience at your practice.  These surveys are anonymous, providing your clients with the freedom to provide honest feedback, both positive and constructive.

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