Membership Benefits

When you become a member of UVG NZ, you gain immediate access to a range of proven benefits to improve your bottom line strengthen your client base, create a more efficiently run practice with fewer demands on your time and energy


Preferential wholesaler discounts, manufacturer rebates and exclusive supplier offers.

The first level is a wholesaler discount

We have negotiated a UVG NZ member pricing with a wholesaler.  We are happy to do a no obligation invoice comparison, so we can show you how much we can save you with this discount alone.

The second level is the manufacturer rebates

Our manufacturer rebates are paid quarterly to members.  Once signed up as a member, we do all the work for you, we find out how much you get in rebates, then deposit the money into your nominated bank account. 

The third level is outside supplier deals

As well as our manufacturer rebates, we have exclusive UVG NZ deals with our partners across pharmaceuticals, pathology, veterinary equipment, utilities, nutrition and clinic supplies.


Supplier Negotiations

As a member, you are effectively outsourcing your wholesaler and supplier negotiations, meaning you will have more time and energy to care for pets and pet parents and to address all the other things you have been wanting to do in your clinic.

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Step-by-Step Business Building Resources

These are building blocks to grow your practice quickly, with minimal costs involved. You get the strategies, the systems and templates. Topics include how to maintain motivation, how to identify and remove stress and how to plan for your practice a year in advance. This is just an example of the types of topics we cover in the members only section of our website.


Wellness Plans

We’ve been in your shoes so we know exactly what it takes to run and manage a successful pet wellness plan. Our pet wellness plan has been designed to be easy to set up and implement, good value, and effective proven benefits to your clinic. This will help you to improve pet wellness and practice preventative healthcare in the simplest way possible. We will be launching our wellness program package in the coming months, so make sure you keep an eye out for more information on this.

What makes UVG Advantage different to everything else being offered in the veterinary industry? It’s simple – it’s the results!

UVG Advantage has delivered independent veterinary practice owners up to a 2000% increase in net profit in just one year. It’s not just the increase in net profit it’s the mindset and lifestyle changes that occur for the business owners too.

The best proof of our success and the confidence we can give you is from our participant testimonials and results. These testimonials come direct from your industry peers. These clinics and practice owners have got the results and they now want you to enjoy the amazing results and benefits too.

We know that veterinary practice owners are frequently frustrated by poor work-life balance and financial under-performance and that the industry has its own unique challenges. Therefore, our programs and all the work we do is focussed solely on the Veterinary Industry.

We’ve got numerous ways we can work with you and your practice to make sure we can match your requirements, today, tomorrow and into the future.