About Us

UVG has evolved from being just a buying group run part-time from a vet clinic, to a complete program showing vets how to increase profits, reduce stress, and deliver an outstanding client service experience, without increasing their overheads.

UVG originated from a buying group run part time from a vet clinic to a complete system helping vets increase profits, reduce stress, and deliver an outstanding client service experience without increasing their overheads.

UVG is the brain child of Dr Sam Bowden, who was running a small practice and found he had little or no negotiating size when it came to improving his bottom line.  The comment “You Vets are mad.  You should form a buying group to give you some control over what you pay for supplies.  It occurs in every other industry. Why isn’t there one for vets?” was the driving force behind UVG’s inception.

With just six practices, UVG was born with the goal of the veterinary industry banding together to share ideas and buying power.  It made a lot of sense for these first six practices to no longer try and go it alone.  There are now hundreds of practices who represent the UVG community and contribute to our buying power.

The real value for member is not just in the thousands of dollars they save, but in the community of veterinary practices they join.  The ability to participate in a mastermind group with other like-minded practice owners or attend the annual veterinary business bootcamp is seen by many members as the bigger benefits of UVG.

The vision of UVG is to have a community, together achieving more.

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OUR RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – If we have not saved you more money than the cost of your 1st year of membership, we will refund your total membership fees in full*

*Terms and conditions apply. Members must remain a financial member for a full 12 months to be eligible for our risk-free guarantee.